The Silver Altar, also named The Saint John’s Treasure
The Treasure of the Florence Baptistery required more than a hundred years to be built; its creation involved the major artists belonging to a range of generations. After being restored, the masterpiece began shining again and, today, it is exhibited in the Opera Duomo Museum.
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Opera Magazine was created to defend the philosophy, to introduce the artists and events that have marked the history from 1296.

Details, characters and curiosities related to Piazza Duomo, not only monuments but also to the masterpieces contained within them, visible and those that are no longer so.


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May 09, 2016

Florence cathedral visit: travel planning in the Dark Ages, Renaissance and pre-industrial age!
But can you imagine the hurdles that people had to face when the horse was the fastest means of land transport and low cost flights didn’t exist even in the most bizarre Leonardo’s dream? The history of the making of the Florence cathedral itself is influenced by extraordinary travels: travels of people, travels of ideas, and… travels of stones.