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20th century
13 March 1903

The cathedral's new main door, cast in bronze by Passaglia, is solemnly unveiled in the presence of King Victor Emmanuel III.


Father Guido Alfani, director of the Osservatorio Ximeniano, conducts new experiments with Foucault's pendulum in the cathedral.

20 mar 1934

The Fabbriceria di S. Maria del Fiore, or Florence Cathedral Works, is established in accordance with the Concordat of 1929 governing Italian cathedrals' offices of works. The new body is to be run by a Board of Directors comprising seven members, one of whom is elected to the post of chairman.


The statues on the bell tower, damaged by exposure to wind and weather, are moved to the Opera Museum and replaced by copies.


A small chapel designed by Rodolfo Sabatini is inaugurated in the Opera Museum to house the precious reliquaries belonging to the cathedral and the baptistry.


All of the panels on the bell tower are moved to the Opera Museum and replaced with copies.


Archaeological excavations are conducted beneath the parvis and floor of the cathedral to find the remains of the former cathedral of Santa Reparata.

4 November 1966

The flood causes extensive damage to the cathedral, the baptistry, the museum and the Opera del Duomo's historical archives. The Gates of Paradise are particularly seriously hit.


Filippo Brunelleschi's grave is discovered in the cathedral.


Michelangelo's Pietà is removed from the cathedral and put on display in the Opera Museum.


The Opera del Duomo's administrative offices are moved into the former archdeacon's residence in Via della Canonica in order to increase the space available for the Opera Museum.


The Gates of Paradise are removed from the baptistry and replaced by a copy pending their restoration and display in the Opera Museum.

23 December 1999

The Opera Museum is reopened after renovation under the technical supervision of David Palterer and Luigi Zangheri.

29 ott 2015

Riapertura del Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, ampliato e interamente rinnovato nell’allestimento